Raleigh Real Estate


    Find just about any “Best Of” list and you find Raleigh near the top. Raleigh isn’t just home to the state capitol, it has something for just about everyone. Historically, Raleigh has been lumped in with Chapel Hill & Durham to create the Research Triangle region, and while that remains true today, each of those towns (and the surrounding areas) have taken strides in defining themselves and offering unique qualities attracting businesses, homeowners, and visitors.

    Whether you want to take in some of the arts at one of Raleigh’s museums or concert venues; dine on some of the treats of our local chefs; or even just enjoy the vibrant social scene Raleigh has to offer – it really is a town for everyone.

    Raleigh, at its core is a city with a rich history. Still, that is often overlooked by those unfamiliar with the region given the surge of growth it has experienced in more recent years. “Raleigh-proper” or “Old Raleigh” is typically considered the area “Inside the Beltline,” more commonly known as I-440. This is commonly thought of as “Old Raleigh” because the rapid growth the region has experienced has led to the expansion of area roadways, most recently including I-540, the state’s first toll road, which spans a larger radius around the city – where many homeowners have began to venture.

    “Old Raleigh” is described this way, not only due to the original “beltline,” but because of the historic landmarks and architecture that is common in this part of the city. One of the most remarkable parts about Raleigh is that each neighborhood within “Old Raleigh” and even the surrounding areas has really defined itself with its’ own history, style, and appeal.

    The areas within “Old Raleigh” have greatly benefitted from their convenience, charm, and history. Many of the older homes have been restored, rather than fully renovated, which has allowed the area to maintain the historic charm & character the way a brand new home just can’t have. The area also benefits from some of the best restaurants in the city, shopping, and close proximity to a vibrant downtown area. Don’t want a restored historic home? No problem. Developers have taken notice of the growth downtown Raleigh has experienced in recent years and luxury high-rise condos are now more frequent as well. As a city, it is difficult to maintain the balance, but somehow, Raleigh has done it.

    Perhaps one of the best attributes of downtown Raleigh is that it maintains the balance between vibrant social scene and family-friendly without skipping a beat. There is something for everyone here! Like any metropolitan region, as you venture beyond “the beltline,” housing tends to become more affordable and land becomes more plentiful. Raleigh has done a fantastic job in handling the growth as even areas outside the downtown region boast fantastic restaurants, homes, shopping, and attractions just a short drive from the city. But Raleigh isn’t just a great place to live. It is a great place to entertain your visitors as well. While the restaurants and shopping are enjoyed by residents, the area also boasts attractions that attract visitors from out-of-the-area too.

    Spend a day visiting one of the city’s many museums such as the North Carolina Museum of Art or the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. If sports or concerts are more your speed – catch a NHL Carolina Hurricanes game, North Carolina State University basketball game, or leading musical act at the PNC arena. While Raleigh is only home to a professional hockey team, the area is also home to some of the regions top universities with top-notch athletics & academics.

    But Raleigh isn’t just a sought after location because of the numerous attractions. It really is a great place to live. The weather is beautiful most of the year making it an ideal place to explore and experience during almost any month.


    Courtesy of City of Raleigh