Durham Real Estate

    Durham is best known for being home to Duke University, affectionately called “The City of Medicine,” due to the world-class medical facilities here; however, more recently Durham has become a hot spot for businesses, restaurants, and more. The tagline “Find Your Cool” has been associated with the city and couldn’t be more appropriate, because it is here in Durham that you can do just that.

    The vibrant downtown area is filled with fun restaurants, local craft breweries, and more. On any given day, you can walk through any of Durham’s neighborhoods and feel the history and the life of the communities.

    But, Durham is so much more than it’s “cool.” Durham has a history of being an inventive & innovative city with great strides in medicine as well as more common tricks like the Ctrl-Alt-Delete trick that we all use. Neat, huh? But what really makes Durham so special is that it is all about the community. It hosts 47 annual festivals year-round that draw crowds from all over the region and even out-of-state.

    If you’re more of a sports fan – you can catch nationally acclaimed ACC basketball at Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium or a Durham Bulls Triple A baseball game. All in all, Durham is home to some of the most precious gems this region has to offer and we just can’t get enough of this charming piece of our region!