Carrie Schlegel

    Personalized Service because Moving Is Personal

    Multi-tasking is my middle name and it's a good thing! In real estate we juggle everything from contract negotiations, paint colors trends, marketing and the latest mortgage rates -- not to mention the time I had to deal with the remnants of a dead bird at an open house!! Every day is something different and everyday I am privileged to be a part of one of the largest decisions a person or family can make!

    There are big teams out there and they transfer you from one person to another along the way to It's a closing. What gets lost along the way is what your priorities and it becomes more about hitting a sales goal. Moving is personal. Why you are moving, what you are trying to find in a new home, your timing, your desires, your concerns...they stay first and foremost with me! For me, working with a client is personal and I work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome possible for my client.
    Anyone can put a sign in the yard. But, walking you step-by-step through the process, helping you work through hard decisions, recommending professionals, proactively and aggressively advocating on your behalf…that is what I bring to the table. A strong work ethic isn't new to me. I have been working since the age of 12, and I've done a little bit of everything from making bread at a bakery to serving tables, testing urine for uranium radiation at a chemistry lab (seriously, I have a science degree), working as a logistics manager in the high tech industry, working the craft fair circuit with handmade clothing and art, and selling personalized handbags. While my work history is varied, the common denominator is that I learned to work hard, treat people with respect and put their needs before my own. With real estate, I have found the perfect career where I can work hard and help people accomplish their dreams!

    Carrie Schlegel
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    Carrie Schlegel

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