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    I could rattle on and on about my work history, where I am from, my hobbies etc. What you really want to know is are we a good fit. I love real estate... And that’s not because you get to make a lot of money and work your own hours, etc. It is because I really enjoy working with people in a way thats not volume driven. Now, it’s true that most real estate professional may operate that way, but not me. If it ever comes down to commission or my client’s best interest, my client will always win.

    I get to pair what many of us like to do, getting to know people and looking at beautiful homes across a wide array of price ranges and locations. The bonus is the financial benefit that may or may not come, but you know what.... I always have a damn good time in the process!

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    Is there an award for being a good guy?

    Octavius "O" Smiley-Humphries
    Better Homes & Gardens | Go Realty Cary
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    Phone: 404-423-6386


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