About Us


    We’re not your father’s real estate company. We do things differently around here because we’re rooted in the belief that real estate doesn’t have to be complicated and stuffy. We believe that real estate should be about you, our client. Everything we do is rooted in our belief that great real estate experiences start with great service, and we stop at nothing to ensure that is what each and every one of our clients has.

    So, what do we believe?

    We Believe In a $6 Cup of Coffee. We are a local, full-service real estate company made up of agents who delight in helping people buy and sell homes. We have a catchy name and do things a little differently, but we’re not a discount brokerage. People line up at Starbucks because of the premium coffee and premium experience. At Go, that’s what we strive to provide to our clients. Our clients are guaranteed a premium real estate experience that will be filled with positive energy and truly unforgettable service.

    We Believe in Magic. What raises eyebrows, waters the eyes, and makes the lungs draw air? Magic. We look for those exceptional moments to create memories that will be shared again and again. Our goal in every transaction is to leave our clients saying “I never knew a salesperson could serve me like that.” That’s because we are here to serve, not just to sell. Our leaders look for ways to provide magic to our agents and our agents look for ways to provide magic to their clients. Let’s face it, everything is better with a smile.

    We Believe In Giving Back. Our communities support us every day with opportunities to sell homes & land. We honor that opportunity by giving back to the communities that give us so much. Each of our agents has a cause that pulls at their heart strings, so we let them decide how they want to give back. We don’t just give money (although we do that too); we believe that supporting a cause is and action that we take. Personally. Every transaction our agents complete generates funds from our agents and the company. But even more important is engagement. Delivering the funds, telling a story, volunteering their time. That’s how we give back.

    We Believe In Our Team. We don’t hire just anyone. We are a selective bunch. We look for special people. When they commit to us, we go crazy! We are in the business of helping. “I can help with that,” is a hallmark answer from our leaders to our agents and from agent to agent. We support each other. In real estate and in life. We are collecting the most creative, productive, and energetic team in real estate. We’ve got their back. It’s all about supporting them on their way to peak performance.

    We Believe In Our Clients. We’re not #1 in sales units. We value navigating clients through their transition far more than we value a single transaction. To us, it is about the people – always has been, always will be. The star of our show is the client. What we do is focused on making your goals and dreams come true. “Welcome to Go!” is what you’ll hear as you walk through the doors of our offices. We don’t have pictures of ourselves on our business cards, we have pictures of our clients because they are why we do what we do. It is never about us, it is about you and your journey. When it comes to our clients – we love them, we support them, and we celebrate them. We always stretch a bit farther to make it happen for them.

    We Believe In Simplicity. Clear communication, everyday language, real people, genuine affection.

    We Believe In Change. We don’t hide from it or dodge it. When we see the next big wave of change coming, we delight to grab our surfboards and head for the water. Something doesn’t work? Scrap it. Got a new idea? Do it. Things getting stale? Change it. We are passionate about performing that crazy idea. Failures are truly okay because we live by the motto, “Fail Forward.” We are nimble, quick, and ready to step out of, onto, or over top of the box. And if we trip, we get back up.

    We Believe in Being Better. We don’t measure this by comparison to others, but by comparison to ourselves. Serving better, making improvements, and growing our approach are fundamental and daily pursuits. It’s not all about work, either. A ton of money has no value if it requires breaking one’s spirit, body, or family. Better in balance. Better in service. Better in results. That’s who we are. We’re always looking for those daily adjustments to help us improve our performance and our lives.


    Our beliefs are the driving force behind everything we do. We were founded on the idea that there has to be a better way, and we don’t just believe, but know that we’re making the real estate experience better for our clients and ourselves each and every day.